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Pony Fashion Rules, Folders & FAQ

Hi everypony!

:star::star::star: RULES :star::star::star:

:bulletpink: Respect the club and the members
:bulletpink: Only 2 deviatons per day
:bulletpink: All deviatons must be yours ( Collabs are allowed )
:bulletpink: No bases edit, no screenshots (that's include the "Pony game" )
:bulletpink: No nude pics, this is a fashion club remember?
:bulletpink: No mature content (that includes "Cupcakes" and similar, the series is for all ages... so, respect that)
:bulletpink: If your submit request is deny, don't try to submit it again, read again the rules and the content from each folder, if you still don't know, you can ask me the reason. Otherwise you will have a penalty
:bulletpink: If you leave the group, your submitions will gone with you
:bulletpink: Be careful: Pony Fashion isn't the same that common wear (like coats, only a cap/hat, only a scarf, etc), neither Nigthmare Nigth costumes, armors or uniforms
:bulletpink: Submit your artworks on the correct folder
:bulletpink: No recolors We want originality
:bulletred: This group doesn't allowed advertising of any kind: holding contests, taking comissions, etc....

:star::star::star: FOLDERS :star::star::star:

:bulletblue: Canon Character Your own fashion be wearing by our loved characters!
:bulletblue: Original Ponys Show us how lovely look your OC's with your own design!
:bulletblue: Vectors Vectors from the Original Series
:bulletblue: Rarity Design Fanart or your own vision from her canon fashion!
Humans, antro, cosplay are allowed *Sorry, no OC's here...
:bulletblue: More Lovely Fashion Customs, hoddies, photos, etc.
:bulletblue: Dresses in References The reference of your OC pony includes a Gala Outfit? Share it here!

:star::star::star: FAQ :star::star::star:

:bulletpurple: Humans, anthro are allowed?
Only if they are wearing Rarity's fashion
:bulletpurple: Why?
Because as humans and anthros usually MUST been wear... so, isn't exactly fashion, that's why
:bulletpurple: Can I submit pics from The Wonderbolts?
If they are wearing their uniforms, no; if they are wearing another fashion style, yes
:bulletpurple: And how about Trixie or Photo Finish?
If Trixie is wearing only her hat and coat, no, is common clothes; Photo Finish is a fashion pony so, basically you can submit any fanart of her XD ... the same situation for similar characters
:bulletpurple: Why was declined my artwork?
You really need to read the Rules and the Folders content, but if you still have a question, can ask me
:bulletpurple: This is a Quality club?
No, your quality isn't important... only the fashion!

Another question? Go ahead! ask me! :D

Group Info

We do pony fashion... because ponies love clothes too!
Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 10, 2011


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Fan Club

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Gallery Folders

Wear the Art Season by YokoKinawa
Show me your element Season by YokoKinawa
My little Fillita Season by YokoKinawa
Secret Stallion Season by YokoKinawa
Canon Character
Royal Sisters by Laszl
Pony Crystal Gala - Applejack by icantunloveyou
Ponies of the Future - Applejack by AtomicMillennial
Son of Shadows - Pleasant Surprises All Around by Eeveewhite97
Original Ponys
Gala Dress. by DemFury
Comm: Kiss under the moon by pridark
Sight by GamblingFoxinaHat
MLPGiftExchange2014 by Stickaroo
Galaloo by MelodyMute
Rarity DeWitt Bukater by pink1ejack
Classy Rarity by Korsoo
Starlight Glimmer in a dress (Vector) by Chrzanek97
Rarity Design
Rainbow Elegance Dash by dstears
Rarity Adventure by Blackligerth
Titanic-style Rarity by TheArtrix
Rarity (1) by mavdpie
More lovely fashion
Valentines Day gala gown DTA [OPEN] by Pony-boutique
Sapphire Custom Dress by YokoKinawa
Midnight Amore - Dress Auction (Closed) by xXcrystalshine39Xx
Bunny at the Galla by JoTehBunny
Art Season - BLAAM by LooSamoro
Gala Taurus by LooSamoro
Floofy Peachypie by Deathdog3000
Masquerade Stallions by ladypixelheart
Dresses in References
Playthrough Reference Sheet by Kazziepones
DrawinGamer Reference - 2016 by StupidFlyingXXFOX
Woodland Spring Reference Sheet by Maddymoiselle
Doodle Flare Reference Sheet Redux by Catastrophic-Success




Weekly Stats

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Hello everypony! Is Yoko again :) ....

Before to upload any picture, read this guide

Only character from the show wearing any kind of fashion go here: The 6 mane, the Princesses, BG ponys, etc.) Doesn't allowed ANY Original Character here.
SonictheCaptain Comm Pinkie and Cheese by benybingCommission - Groomsman Braeburn by PaintedHoofprintsApplejack by FrogMakesArtGreat and Powerful by the-OratorKallisti 2: Princess of the Milky Way by serenamidoriBride of Discord - CMC 5 by WolfSpirit1292Gala Date Derpy Doctor by MoostarGazer
Canon Characters Non-pony also can be here
Gilda's Gala Dress by RibnoseMLP: Smooth Criminal by NikiStix

Every OC goes here. Pinctures with CC + OC also go here.
First place :D Contest Entry: At the Gala by PrismNight:thumb437875357:The Greatest Night Ever by Itoruna-The-PlatypusPalette Indian Wedding Dress by dennyvixenCommission 68 by DigitalBuckShotUnder the Moonlit Sky by ParfaitPichu
Canon Characters + Original Characters
Go home Applebloom..... by YokoKinawaTo The Gala by LissyStrataDay 12 - Pony Getting a Makeover by hollowzeroRarity: this day is going to be perfect by KrrrokozjabrraNoctam by MirriorImage

:bulletblue: VECTORS
Vector works taked from the show. ORIGINAL WORKS ARE NOT ALLOWED
Princess Cadence Vector by RacefoxPinkie's Coronation Dress by BethieboRainbow Dash Gala Dress by PhilipTomkinsFluttershy vector : Spring Dress by amyrose2001Rarity Vector by ClawzipanSweetie Belle by ZoeVulpez

:bulletblue: RARITY DESIGN
Fanart or your own vision from her CANON Fashion
:bulletpurple: FANART
Applejack - Grand Galloping Gala by grandifloruTippie-Toe Pinkie-Poe by TwitchyKismetRurity by madelezabethKindness by ErinLiona
:bulletpurple: YOUR OWN VISION
Rarity Fashion Designs by GlasmondMLP At the Gala, The Best Night Ever by magisapphireCoronationDresses by HarpyMarxpegasus gijinka by ponymonster

Dresses, costums, plushies, jewerly inspired by the show, etc.
Fancy Dress 1 AUCTION CLOSED by HeartRoyaliCustom Fluttershy plushie w dress by EpicrainbowcraftsCustom MLP Comic Shoes! by EcchiChibiFluttershy Cutie Mark Earrings by ZamatajCandy Applejack GGG Necklace by lessthan3chrissyRarity Hair Clip - MLPFiM by sakkysa

:bulletred: SEASONS (Closed folder)
Thank you to all who joined to the seasons!
Lobelia - Feather Season by Deathdog3000Crocodile Hugger by CrabOfDoomAntique Fashion - Bella Notte by SrsishereMasquerade Stallions by ladypixelheartCreamy Ice Cream Season by ladypixelheart

If your pony OC's reference includes a Gala Outfit, can show it here!
Dracula Reference by YokoKinawaAutumn Rain Reference Guide by CentchiCuddle Bug - Ultimate reference guide by LessaNamidairoOpuscule Antiquity Reference by xWhiteDreamsx

Any questions? Can ask me! :)...
More Journal Entries


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NewportMuse Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks everypony for requesting to add my drawing "Everypony is Beautiful: Trixie" to the group's Canon Character collection! What do you think of her outfit?
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Hi! I'm new to the group. Thank you for accepting me! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
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Pony+Gala Dress Auction OPEN 
YokoKinawa Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015
Sure ^^ .....

I think that Original Ponies folder will fit better :)...
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